How To Create Scrolling Recent Post

Scroll Box is often found on blogs, serves to save space on the blog so that page views are not too long, as in posting a few months ago entitled Adding a Scroll Box In Blogger with examples of the display as follows:

How to create a scrolling bar / Box Scroll by Title Recent Post on Blogger.Ok is that so, follow these easy steps below:

Blogger Login>> Dashboard>> Layout>> Add Gadget>> HTML ScriptCopy Code Here:

<div style="overflow:auto;width:300px;height:200px;padding:10px;border:1px solid #eee">
<script language="JavaScript" src=";num=10" type="text/javascript"></script>


Remember to replace your blog with your.blogspot.comBlue Color = The number of posts you want displayed300 = width BoxScroll size200 = high Scroll Box size
10   = 
the number of posts to be displayed 

Good luck